Purpose & Vision

February 14, 2018 | 2 minute read
The digital marketplace
for insurance

wefox is simplifying how we deal with insurance both today and in the future.


wefox changes people’s experience of insurance for the better and earns their trust.

wefox focuses on making people feel safe – the whole reason behind the insurance business.

FOR CUSTOMERSit is the easiest way to get perfectly tailored insurance coverage from a human broker on a digital platform – ensuring a convenient and pleasant experience.
FOR BROKERSit is the most efficient way to streamline client management and to increase overall engagement. wefox allows them to manage and consult with their customers 100% digitally.
FOR INSURANCE COMPANIESit means direct access to distributors, the ability to leverage big data and easy processing. They are able to run data-driven campaigns to reach the right customer with their products.


Past & present

wefox was founded by Julian Teicke, Dario Fazlic, Fabian Wesemann, Jonathan Seoane and Teodoro Martino in 2014. It is currently headed by Tasos Chatzimichailidis. Wefox is a digital platform that connects insurance providers, distributors and customers. The company has set out to reinvent the way people experience insurance: by simplifying its complexities, ensuring total transparency and eliminating inconvenience. wefox knows that 91% of all insurance products are still sold by human agents. That’s why it focuses on brokers as the most important distribution channel. The platform has become a trusted digital home for the insurance industry. wefox is a technology, services and data company that has build the underlying platform for the insurance ecosystem of the future. It is able to provide its service for all insurance companies in the market.
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A digital home for all contracts and all users

100% digital contract folder with all documents in one place.
To help get the best
insurance possible.
Full support in handling claims, including a photo upload feature.

The wefox #insuretech story is about supporting, not replacing insurance agents.”