Purpose & Vision

February 14, 2018 | 2 minute read
The visionary
thought leader

We are a dynamic force determined to drive the digital & big data revolution.


We believe that data safety is paramount and we want to raise awareness in the insurance industry.

We champion the customer’s ownership and full control of their data as a fundamental principle. We believe that ownership of data is a basic human right.

We deliver ideas, inspiration and solutions for a data driven future.
We are:


Past & present

wefox Group was founded by CEO Julian Teicke in 2017. It currently has two businesses in its portfolio: wefox and ONE. Both companies are active in one of the most critical areas regarding consumer transparency and therefore viciously adhere to the highest data privacy requirements in the industry. That is why wefox Group has made it its mission to increase overall awareness about the impending data revolution. wefox Group is dedicated to challenging the current status quo and setting the standards for what insurance companies need to be in the future to protect the rights of the individual. wefox Group is a think tank that asks the most difficult questions that insurance companies and other industries will face in the future.
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The wefox group aims to change the way people view the importance of owning their own data – when this consciousness rises a new era will begin.”